Local Vendor Love | Braids & Bouquets

Today is the first edition of a series I'm calling, Local Vendor Love! When it comes to planning your wedding day, putting together an all-star team of vendors is your best bet to success. In this series I'll be chatting with local ladies in the wedding industry that will hopefully help KW brides assemble their dream team!

First up is Sarah from Braids and Bouquets, aka your new Instagram obsession for all things hair! She creates the dreamiest updos for bridal parties looking for a whimsical and unique look! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Sarah and her uber cute baby Ellis at their home and we chatted all things hair, life, business and babies! So check out our chat below and then go follow her amazing work!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company!

My name is Sarah Godfrey. I am a new mother, PhD student and artist who is passionate about creating unique braids and updos that combine hair artistry and floral design. I work with my clients to create wedding and event hairstyles that represent their unique personality, and what makes these looks stand out is my use of fresh flowers. I work with brides to pull from their colour palette, bridal bouquets and vision for their wedding to represent their personal style. I want each bride to feel like her look on her wedding day is unforgettable.  

Whimsical Bridal Hairstyle.jpg

How did you get into creating gorgeous braids?

I learned how to braid a few years ago when I cut my hair short - that’s right! When I chopped my elbow length hair to my chin I started to learn braided headbands to keep my hair out of my face. My hair is long again and I started pushing myself to learn more and more complicated braids once I had my son in March. He started pulling my hair and I wanted to wear my hair up and still feel beautiful and stylish. Everywhere I went women started asking me about my hair and if they could hire me for weddings - or even to teach them how to braid. My husband encouraged me to start an Instagram page and it took off from there! I am so thankful for that support and love from him. I also like my entry into braiding because it shows women that all hair lengths can be styled in interesting ways. I get so many women saying “I can’t have my hair braided because it’s too short” but I can add interesting details to most hair lengths.

Whimsical hairstyle_0078.jpg

How did you decide to bring fresh flowers into your hairstyles?

My Bachelor and Masters degrees were in Landscape Architecture so I have had a love of plants for a long time. There is also a strong history of that passion in my family. Ever since I was little I always gravitated towards drawing and painting flowers and as an adult I love photographing details of flowers. I think their shapes, colours and textures are fascinating - they can be delicate and sweet, or structured and striking and they are the perfect creative medium for me. I had been using silk flowers but I found they just didn’t look the same, especially in person. I love the process of going to a flower shop and choosing the exact right flowers that suit my clients.

I feel most comfortable and inspired when I am designing in a way that is tactile and in the moment. I think there is something beautiful and special about every single woman and every single person and I like discovering what that is when I meet a client and how to draw that out with my creations. I love the challenge of choosing the right florals and figuring out how they should be arranged in the hair. The looks are one of a kind and totally tailored to the client. 

Whimsical hairstyle_0079.jpg
Whimsical hairstyle_0080.jpg

What is your favourite part of the job?

There is nothing like seeing someone look in the mirror and smile after I am finished working on their hair. Making a person feel beautiful for an important moment is so rewarding. I have met so many special people so far and these connections bring a lot of joy to my work. I also love working with the fresh flowers because searching for new and unexpected combinations is truly inspiriting. 

Whimsical hairstyle_0081.jpg

How would you describe your hairstyles?

I would describe my hairstyles as being whimsical and romantic. My work is my art and I put a lot of creative energy into dreaming up looks with a magical feel. Since I was little I loved folklore and fantasy and I bring my sense of whimsy to my braids and up styles. 

Whimsical hairstyle_0082.jpg

What is your current favourite wedding hair trend?

I love the bohemian vibe that I have been seeing in bridal hairstyles. Upstyles with a slightly undone feel and airy texture make wedding hair feel a bit more relaxed and natural. 

What would you recommend to brides to be who are still deciding on a hairstyle?

I would suggest to all brides that they book a trial session at least a month ahead of their wedding date. This allows you to work with your updo artist to achieve your vision. Saving a few inspiration photos is helpful but your updo artist can help you work with your hair texture and length to achieve a look that is all your own and perfectly tailored to you and your wedding style. 

Whimsical hairstyle_0083.jpg

To contact Sarah her email is braidsandbouquets@gmail.com and go follow all of her gorgeous creations at @braidsandbouquets on Instagram! Sarah is going to start hosting workshops for braiding amateurs (like myself) to learn some new skills! Stay tuned for more info on those soon!