Langdon Hall Editorial | How to Marry two Cultures on your Wedding Day

See what we did there..MARRY two cultures. I know, I know. But I’m pretty excited to share all of the details that went into this exceptionally well thought out shoot dreamt up by the amazing June Bloom Events! When Jo approached me with her concept I was 100% on board to capture it for her. It’s been a longtime dream of mine to attend an South Asian wedding, there is something so romantic about being surrounded by vibrant colours and being showered in marigolds.. I was more than a little excited to see this come to life. I hope this shoot provides you with some inspiration on how to incorporate multiple cultures into your wedding day!

From Planner and Stylist June Bloom Events:

Stepping away from what is thought of as traditional, this shoot takes a stance on a fresh new look with a minimal, western aura. The concept for this shoot came from wanting to marry (no pun intended) South Asian cultural traditions with a romantic, western wedding vibe. 

We loved the idea of using floral garlands to decorate the ceremony space so we focused on symmetric lines and arching curves that are common in Indian art and design. To put a modern, western spin on it, we softened the colour palette by using closely related colours likes pink, blush and peach instead of very bold, highly contrasting colours. 

On the table and in the bride's hands, we punched up the colour palette a tad with touches of raspberry to play on the saturated colours that are traditionally part of South Asian celebrations. The goal was still to keep everything super romantic so raspberry was the perfect pop on the pinks, peaches, creamy, and blush. 

As for flower choice, we used perennial favourites for both western florists (carnations!) and South Asian florists (tuberose!). The intoxicating scent of tuberose - sweet and heady like jasmine - filled the space and set the mood for this romantic East-Meets-West inspired shoot. 

Jessica Imrie