Dundurn Castle Engagement | Natalie + Steve

Natalie and Steve’s engagement session at Dundurn Castle was one of my favourites from the summer! You may recognize Natalie’s face from a few posts back where she made an appearance in her sister Patricia’s bridal shower photos (click here if you haven’t seen it yet!). I was so humbled when she asked if I would shoot her wedding after working together that day.

I’ll let Natalie explain how Steve popped the question below, its the BEST!

From Natalie:

Steve arranged for my girlfriends to suggest dinner on a Friday night. All week my girlfriends and I were texting, preparing for our girls night out. On Friday afternoon , a few hours before Girls' Night was slated to start, I got a call on my cell phone from the Ancaster Mill, to tell me that they needed me to visit their booking office that evening because they had forgotten to get me to sign something (as I had already booked them for a ceremony venue).

I was so angry! I told them I would come another time, it was girls' night! But Steve heard me, and said he could drive me to the Mill to sign the document, and then drive me to dinner. I reluctantly agreed.

So, I get all dressed up for girls' night, and Steve also put on a nice shirt to go for drinks with his buddies. We drove out to the Ancaster Mill and got out of the car to walk to the administrative offices, but before we approached their footbridge, I noticed that the outdoor chapel was all set up with lights and beautifully decorated with lanterns and candles. Steve led me into the outdoor chapel instead of heading for the bridge and I realized then what was going on! I started crying, he just smiled and told me to follow him.

When we got up to the archway he got on one knee and said the loveliest things to me, and asked me to marry him! I said yes even before I saw the most STUNNING engagement ring I have ever laid eyes on.

He then led me to a limousine that was waiting for us, to take us back to his parents' house where both of our families were waiting to congratulate us and celebrate into the night. But we did ask the limo driver to take a long route, so we could enjoy a fancy bottle of champagne together and bask in the moment. It was absolutely perfect.

I can’t wait to celebrate with both of their families next August at Liuna Station in Hamilton!!