Dundurn Castle Engagement | Kirsten + Jeff

Today I have a slightly embarrassing story. As many of you know I grew up in Hamilton, On and Dundurn castle is somewhat of a highlight of our town. However that didn't stop me from never once stepping onto the property until 10 years after I left my hometown. I feel like when you grow up with something nearby, you can take it for granted! I'm certain there are people born and raised in Toronto who have never gone up the CN tower!

Anyways, I finally did visit Dundurn Castle, and I'm so happy it was with these two cuties!! I was introduced to Kirsten by my number one fan, my husband, shortly after she got engaged. We chatted about her upcoming wedding in Charleston and clicked pretty much immediately! We met up for wine one night, and well the rest is history! I met Jeff at their engagement session and to absolutely no surprise whatsoever, he was equally as lovely as Kirsten and we all had a hoot of a time exploring the grounds of the castle. Also, Kirsten is a girl after my own heart because she loves having her photo taken almost as much as I love taking them! Even as it started to pour with rain, her enthusiasm never wavered which was so appreciated! 

I am absolutely thrilled to be joining these two in Charleston later this year for what I know is going to be the wedding of the century! Spoiler alert: their venue was in the movie The Notebook!! It literally can not get any more romantic. So I hope you stay tuned and follow these two on their journey to becoming husband and wife!

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