Travel Diary | Summer 2018

Friends! This is such an exciting post for me to be doing, not only because I’m excited to share my travels with you but also for myself so I can look back on this time. This past summer I took a few trips, smack dab in the middle of wedding season (YOLO) and I’ve finally had some time to sit down and go through my photos. Those of you following me on Instagram know that I did a poll and asked if you were ok if I included my iPhone photos in this post, and most of you said yes! The truth is, sometimes I really don’t feel like lugging my camera around places. Especially since I started spending every weekend with my camera in my hand, sometimes I don’t even want to look at it! However, this inspired me to give you a little insight into how I keep my images looking semi consistent whether I’m shooting Film, Digital OR iPhone!

So where did I go!? First off, my mom and I took a 10 day trip to Europe to celebrate our milestone birthdays! It’s a plan we’ve had for as long as I can remember and we haven’t done a trip together (just the two of us) since I was a kid. We flew into Paris, France and from there took the Chunnel to London, England and then ended our trip in my nanas hometown of Shrewsbury, England. It was a jam packed 10 days of non stop moving, hunting down vegan food and sightseeing. It would be impossible for me to breakdown each day (mostly due to sleep deprivation) But I’ll go over some highlights from each city!!

So before I jump into our trip heres my tips on keeping your travel photos looking consistent. Tip 1: bite the bullet and buy a decent editing app for your phone. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy like lightroom just something that gives you control. My faves are Filmborn, Facetune and Snapseed. All of these allow me to adjust my phone photos in the same way I would adjust my digital ones. Tip 2: Look for the light! Just like when you’re shooting film and digital, you have to do the same with your phone. Plan your visits to attractions around ideal times of day (if you can) to get a more cohesive look. Tip 3: Always keep composition in mind and look for beauty and details everywhere. Often times I think things aren’t “pretty enough” for me to be bothered taking out my camera, but a quick iPhone snap does the trick. The I kick myself later for being lazy. Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to give direction! If you want to be in a photo and need a friend or stranger to snap a quick photo don’t be afraid to give them a quick briefing on how you want your photo to be taken. Case and point- I reallllllly don’t like landscape photos for anything other than landscapes. But often times people automatically tip the phone into Landscape and welp, I’ll probably never use that. So kindly explain your vision to them and I guarantee they are more than happy to capture it for you :)

Ok, Enough rambling- Here we go!


Visiting Paris has been a dream for as long as I can remember. It was honestly surreal stepping out of the metro and onto the historic streets.. I’m not going to play it cool here, I had the goofiest grin as we stumbled around with our luggage trying to locate our airbnb. My mom has been to Paris before, so she was in full navigator mode, and I was staring in awe at literally everything. Our first evening (was supposed to be a full day but we got majorly delayed in Toronto, shout out to AirCanada) we took the Metro to Notre Dame and went on an evening boat cruise down the Seine. It was the perfect way to begin our trip and when we turned the corner and saw the Eiffel tower I was in full on tourist mode with both cameras + my phone sitting, on the edge of my seat grinning like a fool. After that followed several days of much of the same, taking in the immense beauty that is Paris, not sleeping so much, but being the happiest & most grateful person on the planet.

Places we visited: Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Montemarte, Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, Arc de triomphe, Centre Pompidou, Moulin Rouge, Champs-Elysées.

Where we stayed: Canal St. Martin area (Near the Marais)

Photos taken with: Pentax 645n + Fuji400h, Canon 5D Mark iii, iPhone 7+


By far the biggest surprise this trip was how much I fell in love with London. I’m going to be honest, Paris kind of overshadowed London for me while we were planning this trip. And while I loved Paris for the aesthetic and history, London stole my heart. London is somewhere I would bring my family back to, I absolutely LOVED it. Three very exciting things were happening while we were there which brought a ton of great energy into the city. 1) Wimbledon was starting 2) Manchester was playing in the World cup 3) Pride parade was happening! To say London was having some “good vibes” that weekend would be a serious understatement. The city came alive while we were there and I’m thrilled we were able to be a part of all of it!

Not going to lie, at this point I was preeeeetty tired of carrying cameras around. This part of the trip involves mainly iPhone photos and a few digital. I don’t know if I mentioned that London was having the heatwave of the century while we were there. Heat + heavy bags + lots of walking = grumpy Jess and therefore, not many photos.

Places we visited: Tower Bridge, Big Ben (covered with scaffolding), London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Fleet Street, Wimbledon Village, Many many Primarks.

Where we stayed: Wimbledon Village

Photos taken with: Canon 5D Mark iii, iPhone 7+


Our next and final stop on our trip was to my nana’s hometown of Shrewsbury. Fun fact about Shrewsbury- Charles Darwin grew up there! The Darwin paraphernalia was real. We walked the streets where my nana spent her childhood, visiting the school she attended as a child and her favourite parks and pubs. It was an emotional but also really beautiful way to end our trip. I’m sure many of you already know we lost my nana two years ago, it felt nice to be close to her and experience a part of her early life.

Places we visited: Shrewsbury castle, The Dingle, The Quarry.

Where we stayed: Shrewsbury

Photos taken with: iPhone 7+