Camera Review | Sony A7iii vs. Canon 5D Mark iii & Matching Film

The main reason we shot this session was for me to test out some new gear which you may have heard me rambling about on Instagram! I decided to give mirrorless a whirl and see how it compared to my Canon set up as well as my medium format film camera. I was using a mix of the Canon 85 1.2, Canon 50 1.2, and Pentax 75 2.8 and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the results!

Why I switched

Let me first explain why I wanted to try out mirrorless systems! I love Canon, don’t get me wrong. I am nothing if not brand loyal. The colour profiles from Canon cannot be matched (imo) and the system is incredibly user friendly and has been so good to me for as long as I’ve held a camera. That being said, Canon is falling behind the pack as far as their advancements. When they introduced the Mark iv in 2018 and I saw the specs, there was no way I was spending that amount of money for a system almost identical for my Mark iii. So I started looking for other options, and I kept coming up with mirrorless. Also- my canon has been letting me down lately. I find my focus is not always there, 2/4 times an image is out of focus which, on a wedding day, is not ok. I’ll give more details on specs down below, but those are the main reasons WHY I started looking elsewhere!


I won’t lie, its weird getting used to shooting mirrorless. It’s like retraining my brain to operate a camera. Specifically using live view most of the time opposed to looking through the view finding just feels WRONG. That being said, I’ve had it for almost 2 months now and I am starting to get used to it. One of my favourite features is its super quick autofocus that is so consistent on nailing focus. I really love the eye-auto focus feature that locks on to a subjects eye and does not lose focus. It is incredible. This type of feature makes me excited for quick moments during a wedding day like when my couple is walking down the aisle, or entering a reception space. I don’t have to rely on myself anticipating their movements and manually moving the focus point, the camera does it for me. There are so many extra features on this camera that I haven’t even begun to explore, so I will keep updating as I go!

Post Production

I will admit the Sony takes a bit more love in post. A bit more tweaking of colours is needed to get the image to look exactly how I want it to but I don’t really mind. I’m used to trying to match digital images to film scans, so playing with an image to match colours is like a puzzle that I don’t mind solving. Generally I don’t think that the untrained eye would notice a difference between the Canon and Sony images. In fact, when I did a poll on Instagram asking viewers to choose which image was which, the majority of people got it wrong! I think you could make the switch seamlessly between the two system after tweaking your editing process.

What I Like

Size & Weight

Being able to use all of my Canon/Sigma glass with an adapter

Super Fast and Accurate Auto Focus

Custom buttons

What I don’t like

Not a full flip screen

Extreme amount of menu options/settings

No CF card slot

For more examples of the Sony and Canon side by side, click HERE to see them both in action at our most recent Curated Collection shoot!

Indoor Session

Mix of Pentax 645, Canon 5d Markiii and Sony A7iii

Outdoor Session

Mix of Pentax 645, Canon 5d Mark iii, Sony A7iii

Indoor Session

Mix of Pentax 645, Canon 5d Mark iii, Sony A7iii

Outdoor Session

Mix of Canon 5D Mark iii and Sony A7iii